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Welcome to TREX (trainer exchange) Fitness Systems.


As a powerlifting coach, I got sick of hearing every day, "What do I do today?" No matter how many times I would hand out training schedules, whether for a competition or off-season training, my team always seemed to forget their copy at home. Funny thing is, they NEVER forget their cell phones. God forbid they miss an Instagram moment.

Let's face the facts, it's a digital world and even though some of us old-school gym goers prefer to train without the distraction of photo opportunities, text messages or Facebook updates, cell phones in the gym are here to stay.

Instead of fighting change, I decided it was time to bridge the gap between old-school and new digital. Now all your routines are available online and in your pocket with our new mobile app.

Create your routines online or on your home computer and take them with you. It's that simple.


  1. Create routines on your mobile device or computer
  2. Search and share routines with other members
  3. Follow users for quick access to their shared routines
  4. Simple message with image and video capabilities
  5. Trainer/Coaches, send a routine to one or mutiple clients with a click of a button
  6. Trainer/Coaches, pull up and edit client routines at any time

Have a look and see what users are sharing now. SEARCH ROUTINES


General Gym Goer

Any new or old gym goer that wants the power to build a workout program in the hand. share, search and find the perfect workouts that other users are sharing.


Create the perfect workout for your clients/team and send it directly to them, making it available online and on their favorite mobile device. No more I forgot my routine at home. Create everyday routines or competition time based routines.

No more locking down Excel spreadsheets, texting routines, or Pdfing routines. You control the level of each routine sent to your clients.

Participate in the routine sharing and share your killer workouts with other trainers, as well as, the general site member, giving yourself great exposure to possible new clients and showcasing your expertise.


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